Safety Starts With Awareness Emergency Contracts

As with any other product or service, the key to safety is awareness and taking proper precautions. Sensible precautions and maintenance of your gas energy system and appliances are important not only for safety, but also for cost-savings and reliability. Detection of gas leaks is simple. Although gas leaks occur infrequently, here's how you can tell if there is a leak:


In its natural state, gas is odorless. To help customers detect leaks, Multi Trade International Ltd has added a special odorant to the gas so that even small leaks can be detected quickly. With the odorant, you can detect a mixture of less than 1% gas in the air. This percentage is far below the amount required for ignition to occur.


An unusual noise from your appliance, or a hissing sound from piping or connections may also indicate a gas leak.


A gas leak may also be detected by unusual flame behavior at an appliance burner. Although rare, a fire in or near a gas appliance or piping are also signs of a leak.


A sudden increase in your daily or monthly gas consumption may indicate:
» Increased consumption by your gas appliance (i.e. hot water leak, or greater usage of your gas appliance).
» A leak in your gas lines (past your meter set for utility customers).
Please call us if you need assistance in determining the cause of an unexplainable increase in your gas usage.

Reasons For Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur because:
» A gas appliance is improperly connected.
» A gas appliance is improperly turned on.
» Gas lines are damaged by excavation, corrosion or stress caused by improperly moving an appliance.
» Improper gas pipe connection/installation or materials.

Safety Tips For Gas Use

» If you smell the characteristic “LPG” door, open windows to ventilate the building. Do not attempt to locate gas leaks with matches or other open flames. Do not attempt to operate electrical switches or use telephones in the presence of a strong odor; to report a gas leak, usethe next nearest phone away from the odor and call our Hotline.

» Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operation and care of your gas appliances. Properly train household members how to turn on or light gas appliances. Keep curtains, papers, fluids, and other flammable materials away from open gas flames.

» Keep burner surfaces clean. Keep range tops free of matches, grease and other flammable materials.

» It's recommended that you have an approved Dry Powder fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it. Do not attempt to extinguish a gas flame other than by closing your service shut off valve located at your gas meter set or by removing the regulator from the gas cylinder. Gas has the potential, when mixed with air in the right amounts, to ignite.

» Gas line, appliance repair and installation jobs are for trained professionals only. Please don’t take a risk by giving “Jua Kali” technicians such a high risk job.

» Always light the match first and hold it in the burner area before you turn on the gas. If you smell gas, do not light the match.

» Purchase gas appliances KEBS Certification Seal. It assures you that the appliance design complies with national safety standards for durability, safety and performance.

How To Report A Gas Emergency

Report gas leaks and other emergencies our Company’s hotline number.